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Outline of Mountains

HeartSeed Mission & Purpose

HeartSeed was planted long ago before I dreamed that I could own a business.  It was a whisper spoken by my late father Richard Adams.  He told me I would plant the seeds of my heart and from this, an important purpose would come to be.  I could only begin to understand how this seed would grow and transform into what today is HeartSeed Massage & Wellness.  But I am not done growing, learning, and transforming.  HeartSeed, at its very core, was manifested so that others may find their own empowerment and highest potential from deep within.


 The bodywork and energy work that is utilized is aimed at revealing that each of us is already whole, healed and naturally resourceful.  I believe that we each carry the magic of resilience inside our bodies and souls.  If we have the resources to tap into our own inner wisdom, there is nothing we cannot heal and overcome.  HeartSeed has been cultivated, through hours of study and persistence to provide these resources to those who are seeking an empowered path to wellness. 


HeartSeed will soon be expanding its offerings as I have been called to work with those who are navigating grief and loss as well as transitioning towards the end of their lives.  This opportunity is an immense honor and privilege to me, as I am humbled by the vulnerability that is expressed in these raw and honest moments.  My intention and hope are to provide a safe and sacred container for others to express all of themselves without fear of judgment or trying to change and fix them or their emotions.  It is when we can fully face the range of emotions that grief and loss bring with them, we can allow space for integrating our new reality into our previous one.  This is what we call mourning well, which results in living and loving well. 


HeartSeed has been and will continue to be that safe and nurturing container for holistic healing and wellness, as well as a place to mourn and express so that you can live your life fully and without limitation.  I am humbled and honored to continue my work; to expand with my offerings so that I can continue to serve the planet and my community. 

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