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Authenticity and knowing what we want

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

It can be difficult to navigate what it is we truly want for ourselves at the core of our being. From a young age we are taught to override this with the responsibility of making others happy. We are shown that we must sacrifice what we long for, to be stable or to make a lot of money. This has been a collective truth for a very long time. There seems to be a list of things to follow that are a prerequisite before we can even think about pursuing a wild and crazy dream.

Sometimes what might be best for you may shock everyone. It could even be shocking and uncomfortable for you. Only you know the truth though. In the past, I at times, made a habit out of asking other people what I should do. It can feel lonely when you are navigating uncharted territory and you just need someone to confide in. This can be a slippery slope. The more we rely on others for decisions that we, ourselves need to make, the more likely we are to bypass what we really want. Taking the time to ask ourselves what we truly want to create in our lives is a gift to ourselves. It allows us to come into relationship with ourselves in such a way that allows us to be more present and attentive to what others need. We need one another more now than ever before. We are in a time where the gift of presence can change someone’s day, or even life. When we start with being present with ourselves and allowing a loving and nurturing relationship with ourselves to arise, we then stop looking for outside help or validation. Then when we would like another viewpoint, we don’t have to adopt it immediately because we have the foundation of what is true for us above all else.

This season my intention is to challenge myself to give myself the gift of living my truth and pursuing my wild, crazy, and authentic dreams. My wish is to find the joy in the process of getting to know me and what I really want and what I have to offer. I feel that uncovering these hidden parts will allow us to live more authentically and connect with the world around us in ways that maybe we can only dream of right now! May your time with yourself be just as rejuvenating and joyful as your time with others. I leave you with a Mayan saying that I absolutely love; “In Lak'ech Ala K'in”, which means I am the other you.

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