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Definitions of Mother

It is easy to identify as a mother when you have a child or children that you are raising. Many women dream of becoming mothers; others are not so sure; and some of us are meant to give birth in other ways. We, as a species, forget that we can give birth so many times through out our lives - men included. This, of course, is metaphorical, and not in any way lessening the enormity of giving birth to a child or navigating the adoption process. It is an invitation to remember that even if we are already a mother to a child, we are always able to create space to birth creativity. We have unlimited access to tap into the creative consciousness and channel more beauty into the world. Many women can feel a sense of emptiness after their children grow and decide to go out on their own. They are then faced with the challenge of finding out who they are beyond “Mom”. This is a beautiful “rebirth” process, in itself, can be when a woman re-discovers a long-forgotten passion. It is when we are most vulnerable and raw that we can really begin to discover what makes us want to embrace life again. It can be something we have never even thought of trying before, or something that really scares us! This is where the transformation can really begin to take off, and we can become a nurturer to a dormant talent we were unaware of.

I have been exploring this is by reading more about Dharma. Dharma is your personal mission, or purpose, in life. This can change as we evolve. Often, we can find that the jobs we have are not our true Dharma. As individuals we can have a sense of what this might be, getting small glimpse of it every now and then. What do we naturally offer to the people around us and the world at large? Do you possess the ability to help people get out of a funk and

see the bigger picture? Are you a natural teacher, guiding others with the wisdom you have cultivated though your own life lessons? Are you someone who can compassionately listen to others and make them feel seen and heard without judgement? The list goes on with examples of what makes each one of us unique in what we bring to the world.

The invitation is to listen to your inner nurturer. Where can we be better listeners and better mothers to ourselves? How can we manifest and give birth to what our souls long to offer? It can sound gooey and corny, but I have found that when we start to truly listen and mother ourselves, those around us can benefit as well.

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