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Intentions to Receive

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

When was the last time you allowed yourself to sit back, receive, and revel in the abundance of your hard work? Just as a child would after accomplishing the creation of a towering sandcastle… can you remember those moments of pure joy? In the chaos of being an adult, we begin (at some point) to recite the mantra of “What is next on my list?” without sitting in that precious in-between moment.

In yoga, this is most felt in the body when we are transitioning from laying down to sitting up. That moment in the fetal position, when the teacher prompts for you to savior that moment - to receive the benefits of all the twists and turns your body has moved through. I like to think of life much like this. Your body, mind and spirit navigate through many twists and turns as we live life; so many ups and downs, wins and losses. When I think of how many times I’ve allowed myself to remain in that space of receptivity - that still point of openness - I am hesitant to admit that I do not inhabit it enough to receive its benefits.

I challenge all of us with an open invitation to dwell in this receptive space more often and without shame, knowing that you deserve to absorb the enormity of all that you do for others every day. We spend most of our lives striving to make it better for those we love and serve. So next time you finish a project, accomplish a goal, or build a sandcastle I hope that you sit back for a while and marvel at what an amazing and complex creature you are! The truth is that acknowledging our accomplishments is a form of self-care, and when we practice this regularly it promotes a largely positive outlook on life. We are then less likely to allow failure to take center stage in our thought processes, and we are more fluid and accepting of any obstacles we encounter.

Sometimes life whispers to us to pay attention to these little moments, and sometimes it screams until we listen. I am challenging myself this month to receive more without feeling bad; to wake up each morning and remind myself to pay attention and honor the tides of my life. After all, anything is miraculous if you view it as a child does!

In honor of you and all that you do and create!

Yours In Wellness,

Andrea Adams, LMT, CNMT

HeartSeed Massage & Wellness

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