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We cannot help to begin to feel an awakening during Spring. It is organic and natural for humans to emulate the budding flowers and want to initiate growth in their lives. Like an unspoken ritual, we weed out the habits that are serving us and which ones need to go. An internal spring cleaning begins to take place, and from there we can choose what we want to plant in the space we have made.

What I am learning is that forming and breaking habits is an art form. It is not hard to choose a new habit we want to create, but to sustain and make it permanent in our lives takes a bit more patience and dedication. The habit itself is only one aspect; it is our mindset that is a key factor. It is when we can see ourselves as the person who is living this habit every day, that we can begin to make long-lasting changes in our lives.

For me, writing is something that I want to make a daily habit in my life. I can say to myself, “I want to write more,” but this is a mere desire. It is when I tell myself, “I am a writer who commits to 30 minutes of writing a day” that I can begin to see a concrete vision of who I want to be. We make a habit of telling ourselves who we are so that the habit we want to create can take root in our subconscious and begin to sprout from there. It is quite normal to want to have this habit solidified in our lives right now, but it is the understanding that all good habits take time to become a permanent fixture in our lives, that allows grace and ease to be a part of the equation as well.

I highly recommend the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear if you want to dive deeper into this subject. It has been illuminating in many ways for me and I feel as if I have a better understanding of the human psychology behind creating and breaking habits. Focusing on mindset has been a life changing journey for me and is what I attribute to having a successful business. I have been adopting the slow change movement in my life due to a propensity to rush change and want to move quickly through life. I now feel a sense of spaciousness with this shift in slowing down and see how this helps me maintain the good habits I’ve created. It also makes me more aware of the habits I would like to release. I hope this month brings in new growth that will sustain you for years to come!

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